About Us


Every butthole is unique, but we treat every butthole the same.

At Big Gay Bidet, we’re just like you. We’re not some huge impersonal mega-company. We’re two dudes who happen to love butts. We want you to know that we’re dedicated to welcoming everyone, of all gender expressions and sexualities, of all ethnicities, religious faiths, young and old. We want everyone to feel good about their anus!

We wanted to create a site that was welcoming to the community, and one supplies information about personal cleaning and provides high quality bidets. When you buy from Big Gay Bidet, you have our assurance (get it?) that you’ll get a fabulous bidet with our personal pledge that you’ll never look back at traditional butt wiping again. We want your butt so clean, you could eat off it. Now there’s something to think about.


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